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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Duochrome Pigment Comparisons III

This post will include the following pigments: from Anna's Art Asylum: 53, 52, 59 and 821502... and TKB Trading's Red Sparks- and will starts us into the pink(er) color shifting pigments which, as you'll see later, don't color match to the second set of pinks. Again, there are a few Solar Color Dust Chameleons that could fit in with the color group but SCDs are 6-10um while my estimate of Anna's is 100-260um, around the size of TKB's Star Bites. Red Sparks is 20-200um.

If you click on the first pic to enlarge it and go through them that way, the color shift is a bit more "animated" as the angle changes.



Unknown Lighting

Unknown Lighting again.

Ok, that's all for this one but thanks for checking it out. Next part coming, the pinks set -MK

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