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Friday, November 19, 2010

Suspension Agent Follow Up

Links checked 12/12/13

Updated 4/26/12- Don't forget to check Suspension Base Suppliers & Notes for all possible sources.

Follow up to: Nail Polish Suspension Agent

As mentioned in the entry above, I sent this message to The Conservatorie on 11/15/10:
          Yes, I do have a question. I make fingernail polish out of pigments and oftentimes, clear polish. Clear polish however doesn't seem to have the common suspension agent stearalkonium hectorite and non-commercial people can't buy this. So far, I have found no other suggested alternatives so my question is this: In your description of Magnesium Stearate its says... "and in the suspension of pigments." so do you know if it would serve that purpose in fingernail polish? Thanks in advance for your time.

I received my response from The Conservatorie yesterday.
          At the present time we do not carry and are unfamiliar with nail products. We would like to answer any questions you have, but we would not want to provide you with incorrect information. If you should have any questions regarding our cosmetic products, we would be more than happy to assist you. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you, Customer Service.

So as I expected they were not able to answer my question but I'm not about to give up on a problem that's been irritating me over a year and neither am I patient enough to wait for TKB Trading to start selling their MyMix Luster Base. Besides, they don't mention a price and that makes me nervous.

I have continued to research alternatives, including Magnesium Stearate but have found absolutely nothing- and nothing to say that it wouldn't work. So I may buy a sample and try it.

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  1. Have you ever bought piggies from Conservatorie as well? I have bought some and they are quite nice, Antique Gold is better then TKB's version (less black base) and Zian Vistas also looks more refined.
    Swatches of Conservatorie pigments are almost nonexistent on the web.

  2. Yes, I've noticed the absense of Conservatorie swatches and while it bothers me because, like is everyone afraid or dissatisfied? it won't deter me from ordering. Christmas is coming up and everyone knows whats on my wishlist- a huge order from The Conservatorie! Until I began talking to you (and reading your blog) I didn't even realize the company existed.

  3. I had no idea so I really hope this message reaches you on time: Conservatorie is having a 30% off sale on Cyber Monday (tomorrow).

    Here's the copied text:
    "Early Bird CYBER MONDAY coupon: CYBER30 - 30% OFF EVERYTHING!
    offer lasts from 7:00AM-8:00AM PST on November 29th, 2010."

    Problem with this one is that last years similar New Year's sales event pretty much failed because their system did not accept the coupon code. Lets hope this time it works - I've been a bit nasty and sent them an e-mail with a reminder to run some tests on the systems prior to the event. :D

  4. I managed to get the deal :), coupon code worked and I got myself a horde of mica samples. Too bad the skunk brush I had my eye upon was sold out :S

  5. I'm glad you hit it, I missed it by a mile. I wouldn't have thought of applying it to samples-you're a smart lady! If you don't mind, once they arrive, let us all know what you think of them.

  6. If you'd only know how smart European bloggers have to be - every sample is accounted for... We have a customs limit, 22 euros for overseas purchases - and shipping must be included there. Should the amount go over 22 euros, taxes must be paid (20% of everything). It was a pretty big excel sheet with lots of calculations :)

    I suspect they will have their yearly January 1st sale too, last year it was 25% off store-wide :)

  7. They say the only guarantee in life is death and taxes- they weren't kidding, 20% is a lot. I tend to avoid buying from overseas because during my long history with eBay, a lot of my overseas purchases got lost in transit. I used to joke that packages get kicked off the plane when they are flying over the ocean. It's also why I skipped The Conservatorie initially- because I believed they were a foreign company. Don't know where I got that idea. I hope they have another sale like that.


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