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Sunday, November 7, 2010

TKB Trading's "Travel To..." & "Sparks!" pigments

Update 12/9/10: As part of my Christmas present from my husband (Thank you dear!) I have purchased TKB's Planetary Sampler along with the Reflecks Sampler so I'll post swatches soon!

I have no swatches to offer you of these pigments because I do not own them. This is not to say that I don't want them because I do but they are on the pricier side and I have trouble justifiying spending $14 on one pigment when I can spend the same amount and get three different ones. At any rate they are on my "wishlist" but I find both TKB Trading's decsriptions and pictures a little lacking.
TKB Trading offers both sets of pigments in a discounted collection shown here: Planetary Sampler, Sparks! Collection.

I did my homework and found the manufacturer of both sets of pigments, EMD Chemicals. This is ordinarily unimportant but on their website they have a more in-depth description of each pigment and shows them used in what appears to be clear polish or other clear medium- which gave me a better idea what they'd be like in polish, my intended use. It makes for interesting reading.

Xirona- Travel throug the World...
Ronastar- Interference Sparks

If you're curious, other pigment manufacturers can be found below.
BASF- Effects Pigments
Geotech- Geoshine Can view color cards of their glitter.
Eckart Effects Pigments- Brochures
Eckart Effects Pigments links to all lines of pigments.
Kobo Products Inc.
Sun Chemical- Pigments
EMD Chemiicals- Color Cosmetics

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  1. Hi!

    Go check out TKB forum, it seems to me they are about to make a nail kit too and are having one of their contests soon :)
    I think you should attend.


  2. I'll have to do that, thanks for the heads up.


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