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Friday, November 12, 2010

Swatches: Blue-Green Colors

As I said on the "reds" swatches, my pigment collection is too extensive to swatch everything at once- mostly because my opportunity is limited to the sun's willingness to hang around in the exact position long enough to take a decent photo… and photography is not one of my many hobbies.

I chose to do blue-greens today, the pictures were taken in sunlight are not edited digitally. I couldn't decide which of the pictures were more color-accurate so I posted both. The interference of the pigments was difficult to capture here.  

I labeled the picture with the pigment names but I'll list them here as well. From top to bottom, left to right…

left row
right row
TKB-Pisces Blue
CS-Duocrome Sparkle
TKB-Ocean Green

TKB-Coral Reef Blue
CS-Gemtone Emerald
TKB-True Green
TKB-Capricorn Sea
TKB-Indian Blue
CS-Summit Turquoise
CS-Sage Blue

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