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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Color Recipes 2

Links checked 12/12/13

Since these recipes were made before TKB Trading's Pops! pigments were discontinued please see my entry Alternatives to TKB's discontinued Pops.

I have for you today a few more color recipes made from both TKB Trading and Coastal Scents pigments. I’ve purchased the 5 spoon set TKB Trading sells for this purpose. I won’t claim that these recipes I made are “outstanding” but they are definitely different.

When it comes to cooking I never follow a recipe to the letter and I feel the same about color recipes. Feel free to tweak the recipe to suit yourself.
In each picture is the recipe from above, small finger sample ala TKB Trading. The card shows them swatched in polish. 

(from Tease collection)
(from Trio for Greens)

AA- “Lawless”                        
Maybelline “Lawless” eyeshadow
Closest current color would be
Maybelline Expert Wear Singles in Antique Jade
1 dash (CS) Ultra Shimmer
1 dash Blackstar Green
1 dash (TKB) Hilite Green
1 pinch (TKB) Blueberry Pop
3 pinch (CS) Summit Turquoise
1 dash, 1 pinch (TKB) Indian Blue
2 pinch (TKB) Apple Green Pop

BB- “Sparkling”                       
(CS) “Colleen’s Dream” eyeshadow
(sample size)
1 tad (TKB) Sparkle Blue
2 smidgen (CS) Cellini Red

CC- “Twinkle Twinkle”            
1 dash (CS) Crystal Ice
3 tad (CS) Cellini Red
1 tad, I dash (TKB) Libra Blues

DD- “Burnished”                       
3 tad (TKB) Umber
3 smidgen (CS) Cellini Red
1 tad (CS) Paradise Star Gold
2 dash (TKB) Strawberry Pop

EE- “Fusion”                             
2 tad (CS) Gemtone Topaz
2 pinch (CS) Gold Rush

FF- “Blood Diamonds”             
2 tad (TKB) Deep Russet
1 tad, 2 pinch (TKB) Red Basics
2 smidgen (CS) Crystal Ice
1 smidgen (CS) Pearlescent Fire
2 smidgen (CS) Cellini Red

GG- “Indian Ocean                 
LAC blue eyeshadow
(from Tease collection)
1 pinch (TKB) Pisces Blue
5 pinch (TKB) Capricorn Sea
1 smidgen (CS) Crystal Ice
1 smidgen (CS) Gold Rush

HH- “Wild Plum                     
Almay dark purple eyeshadow
(from Trio for Greens)
1 tad (TKB) Grape Pop
3 dash (TKB) Grape Parfait
1 drop (CS) Paradise Diamond Pearl
2 smidgen (TKB) Blueberry Pop
1 drop (CS) Crystal Ice
2 drop (TKB) Hilite Blue
2 smidgen (TKB) Scarlett O’Hara

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