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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Best Buy Supplies 3

Everything Updated 4/22/16

I acquired a few more frankenpolish supplies recently, containers for pigments and color recipes from SKS Bottle and a silicone sheet like the one TKB Trading originally had listed but was out of stock on. TKB Trading has replaced the Norpro version with a different one but the link still works.

Periodically I go check TKB's "New!" page for updates and the last time I did, I watched the Franken Polish Tools video Mrs. Westerman had posted where she talks about and demonstrates many of the items listed on the page. The one that caught my eye was the Silicone Sheet. This now sells for $14.75. The major selling point for me is not that it helps keep your work area clean, because I have a variety of plates, paper and foil I normally use for that, but that nail polish won't stick to it, it can be peeled right off when dry. This has enormous potential to me.

I've said many times that I want swatches of the polishes to keep as a reference but I also have my swatch papers where I save and label the small color mixes I'm trying out. When doing that of course, the color of the paper it is swatched on is important because even a slight yellow tint to white is going to throw off the color of the sample. If polish doesn't stick to silicone, then those small samples of mine could be mixed right on the sheet, peeled off afterwards and preserved on any paper.

I've learned to ignore my initial urge to buy something because if I didn't, I'd be penniless but this time I waited too long and as I said, TKB Trading's silicone sheet was out of stock. Not willing to wait any longer I searched for alternatives on eBay, always a good reference, and ultimately found out that the silicone sheet was:  

Norpro brand
Size: 19 1/2" x 15 1/2"
•Flexible, nonstick silicone offers instant, easy release without the use of grease
•Pastry sheet with guideline measures for rolling out dough or pie crusts from 6" to 15"
•Doubles as a baking sheet liner: Allows for even heat distribution, helps prevent over browning on the bottom of baked goods, and replaces the need for parchment paper, butter or nonstick sprays.
•Oven safe to temperature of 450F/230C.
•Also, great for freezing or stretching candy.
•Nonabsorbent silicone keeps moisture in your food and won't retain odors.

The others that were on eBay, Good Cook, Silpat etc were not as large as the one made by Norpro so that's what I settled on and found the best price at Jack's Country Store. I paid $5.99 for the silicone sheet and $5.00 shipping for a total $10.99, $1.00 less than buying from TKB. Updating prices the price has gone up to $11.99.

My second purchase was from SKS Bottle, the company I've bought my 4 ounce containers from. I was on the hunt for vials like the ones my glitter from the Hobby Lobby came in, roughly 1/2" in diameter x 2" tall. The caps have a 1/8" diameter hole for easy dispensing and liquid-wise, they hold 3ml.

Their size made them ideal for taking my supplies with me to my father's every weekend; enough glitter to play with without taking up much room. I wasn't able to find anything identical but I found the next closest thing (for me) from SKS Bottle, Clear Styrene with Snap Caps, shown below. I bought the 2 ½ dram vials and the 7 dram vials after having converted drams to milliliters. The standard polish bottle is 15ml while a mini bottle is 3.6ml.

The clear styrene vials with snap top caps will allow the natural color of your product to show through. The styrene vials could possibly be used to package bath salts, herbs, spices and more.

2 1/2 Dram Clear Styrene Vials w/ Snap Caps
2 ½ drams = 9.2ml
40 mm x 18 mm (or 1.57 inches by 0.71 inches)
144/bag = $20.74
7 Dram Clear Styrene Vials w/ Snap Caps
7 drams = 25.8ml
55 mm x 27 mm (or 2.17 inches by 1.06 inches)    
144/bag = $29.66

Here the containers are shown together.

The 2 ½ dram vials were for my "portable pigments" but I bought the 7 dram for storing my color recipes in. The 30 gram jars I currently use are from TKB Trading, 2" diameter; 1" tall (or 50 mm Diameter x 25 mm tall) and will hold 9 grams weight of pigment. I'm running low on those and knowing SKS Bottle was going to get me on the shipping because they only use UPS, I bought the 7 dram as well.

Shipping was $15.23 via UPS but fast- I ordered them in the evening of February 18th so not counting the weekend, processing to delivery only took 4 days. This makes my third order placed with SKS Bottle and every time I've found them to be responsive, quick and reliable. The only con is using UPS for shipping so if you're going to buy from there, order enough to make the expense worth it- there was only a $2.00 increase in shipping for my adding on the second set of vials.

Another handy item to buy that I actually bought years ago are the set of 5 mini spoons that TKB Trading sells for $5.89. These spoons have multiple uses. They are (were) used to covert the color recipes on TKB's website although the majority of those have been pulled since the Pops collection was discontinued. I use them for my own pigment color recipes as well. The drop spoon I use most often when frankening because of the conservative amount it holds and because it will fit in the neck of most polish bottles. These are also far more durable than the plastic alternative and the measurement name is imprinted in the metal so the name will never wear off.

Glitter Unique sells these mini spoons as well, for only slightly less, $5.50 in which case I'd choose the company I'm aleady ordering something from (saves on shipping).


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