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Monday, October 25, 2010

Best Buy Supplies

Links checked 12/12/13

I decided to dedicate this entry to the supplies needed or wanted for polish making, specifically where you can buy these supplies for the best price. Pigments I’ve covered/will be covering in other entries so we’ll move on to 4 ounce and 30 gram containers, clear polish, and empty bottles. Most pictures of the items listed came from the respective stores, links provided. Prices updated 12/11/13... The spacing is fixed as well- it turns out Google Chrome doesn't play nicely with my editing.  -MK

4 oz. containers
Who doesn’t like the 4oz containers that Coastal Scents sells their pigments in? The size is perfect for 1 ounce pigments (and sometimes more), it makes them relatively tip-proof and the lids keep the pigment inside the containers and not outside the threads. You could buy these containers from Coastal Scents at $0.65 each (or $0.45 each if you buy 400+ but I had no reason to do that) which really isn’t terrible but if you need 57 like I did, that adds up fast- $37.05. This forced me to search for an equal but cheaper alternative. The company I purchased from was SKS-Bottle, the ones shown below, used for all my TKB Trading pigments.

Clear PET plastic jars w/white plastic unlined lids, sold per package of 24 for $10.56 which breaks down to $0.44 each. 0604-04

The item I had listed as second choice from BayouSome can't be located in their store, probably because they don't sell jars and lids together anymore. I haven't yet looked for another alternative.

30 gram containers
On to 30 gram containers. Now for the record a 30 gram container is NOT large enough to hold 1 ounce of pigment (I made that mistake) but it is the perfect size for storing color recipes (or, I suppose, a finished loose product) which is what I use mine for.

If you want a 30 gram container that looks like TKB Trading’s 30 gram container, buy their containers, I did. The prices aren't bad 20 for $15.00 ($0.75 each), 40 for $25.00 which breaks down to $0.62 each. Or if you need a lot, 80 for $48.00, $0.60 each. But I’m a bargain hunter so next time I’ll be shopping elsewhere because I don’t care what they look like so long as I can see through them. In this case, probably SKS-Bottle because they have a few cheaper options. See below.

#1 Clear PET Jars w/ White Ribbed Lined, Caps, 1 oz, 48 for $20.64 ($0.52 each) 0605-32

#2 1 oz. plastic jars, Clear Styrene Jars w/ Dome Caps, 48 for $26.40 ($0.55) 0624-14
#3 Clear 1 oz. PET Straight Sided Jars w/ Black Smooth Plastic Lined Caps, 48 for $18.24 ($0.38) 0605-47
Same as style shown here
 Empty Polish Bottles
Empty bottles are an essential supply for frankening but all bottles are not created equal. As much as you must think about price, you must also consider size. The average full size bottle is ½ fl.oz. or 15 ml but bottles also come in miniature. The average size of a mini like Bon Bons is 1/8 fl.oz. or 3.6 ml.

Miniature size bottles
As with BayouSomeTKB Trading's bottle inventory and prices have changed since the last update- the 3 types of mini bottles, the Elizabeth, Caroline and Justine, are no longer being sold as bottle/brush/cap sets in bulk (more than 5); the cap and brush are sold together but separate from the bottles. Also, while I pegged the Elizabeth as the best deal, these are showing as out of stock. See adjustments below. Remember that the average mini bottle holds 3.6 ml but the Elizabeth holds 6 ml. By comparison, the Justine (the fanciest design) holds approximately 4 ml.  

The Elizabeth 

TKB Trading offers 3 styles of mini bottles in their nail products section: the Elizabeth, Caroline and Justine  For quantities of 5, 40 or 80 bottles, there is no longer a price difference between the three styles. 
5 bottles (with cap and brush) are $1.95, $0.39 each
40 bottles are (no cap or brush) are $5.50, $0.14 each
80 bottles are (no cap or brush) are $11.00, also $0.14 each 

For quantities above that, the Caroline can be bought in a set of 221 for $29.00, $0.13 each and Justine are sold in sets of 192 for $25.00, also $0.13 each.
The caps are now offered in two colors, pink or black but priced the same.
40 Caps with Brushes  $6.00, $0.15 each
80 Caps with Brushes  $11.00, $0.14 each
225 Caps with Brushes  $24.00, $0.11 each

Nailite Inc. comes in 2nd, having dropped the price from $0.50 each, 1/8 oz glass bottle w/black cap. You can also buy these (on the same page) as an 80 count for $38.40 ($.48 each) or 120 for $53.99 ($.45 each) 1/8oz. baby bottle.

The 3rd best deal is from The Supply Source, 1/8 oz glass bottle w/white cap, $5.99 for 12 which = $0.50 each EPBB

The Conservatorie also sells 5ml bottles in both round and square. 
1 bottle, $.40 each
10 count, $3.50, $.35 each
100 count, $32.00, $.32 each
1 bottle, $.35 each
10 count, $3.20, $.32 each
100 count, $30.00, $.30 each

Full size bottles
For full size bottles, Nailite Inc. has the ones I've bought, 1/2 Oz with Brush but like their mini bottles, these are now offered as...
1 each, $.40
88 ct, $31.69 ($.36 Each)
176 ct., $56.32 ($.32 Each)
352 ct., $105.60 ($.30 Each)

The second lowest price/company is The Supply Source, 1/2 oz glass bottle, 6 for $4.50 = $ each EPB.5 

The Conservatorie also sells 15ml bottles in both round and square bottles. The round variety are a slightly better deal.
1 bottle, $.55 each
10 count, $4.90, $.49 each
117 count, $52.65, $.45 each 
1 bottle, $.50 each
10 count, $4.50, $.45 each
100 count, $43.00, $.43 each

TKB Trading sells full size bottles on the Bottles page of their Nail Products section, prices varying by style.

The Luminette bottles are what I just ordered (12/8/13) but they haven't arrived so I can't give you my input although based on their picture, the style is different (in a good way). These are sold in sets with the cap and brush included.
1 Luminette Bottles with Matte Black Caps and Brushes $0.49
30 Luminette Bottles with Matte Black Caps and Brushes $12.00
120 Luminette Bottles $46.50

The Retro bottles are sold with or without caps and brushes and those can be bought separately too.
1 Retro Bot with white or black cap and brush  $0.75
30 Retro Bots with white or black cap and brush $12.00
100 black or white cap and brush ONLY (not including bottles, please order above  $10.25
100 Retro Bot BOTTLES ONLY with NO Cap and Brush (please order below)  $25.75

Your third full size option from TKB are limited edition "barrel" style, sold with the cap and brush.
1 LE Barrel Bottle with Cap and Brush  $0.75
30 LE Barrel Bottle with Cap and Brush  $12.00
Clear Polish refills
* suspension base is listed on another page
Clear polish can be acquired a couple ways, you can buy topcoat/basecoat already in a bottle for about $1.00 (think Dollar Tree, Dollar General) and kill two birds with one stone but it works out cheaper to buy bottles and clear polish separately.

Eighty Eight Beauty Supply has the best price for “bulk” clear polish. Redi Sticky basecoat or Redi Quick Dry topcoat, 64 oz. for $35.00 ($0.55 per oz.) or in a 32 oz. size for $20.00 ($0.63 per oz.). REDIQDTC

However, if you happen to be ordering something from Nailite Inc anyway- bottles for instance, you might want to check out their top coats (or base coats). The largest size they sell is 16 oz. but at $12.99, it comes out cheaper than the same size bottle of Redi from Eighty Eight Beauty Supply.

1 oz. of clear polish fills 2 15ml bottles. Doing the math here, we’ll say we bought the 64 oz topcoat from Eighty Eight Beauty Supply and empty polish bottles from Nailite Inc. We would’ve spent $0.35 on the bottle and $0.27 on the polish to fill it for a total of $0.62, $0.38 less than buying a cheap bottle of base/top coat from a dollar store.

Nail Wheels
Nail wheels or display wheels aren’t exactly a required supply but they are nice to have for a visual just the same. If you’re looking to purchase some, you can find the best deal is at Trans Design. The link is to their main page, just look under the Nail Art Displays category- and they have more than nail wheels.

20 tips, white or clear, Dimension: 5.25" x 4.25", 10 for $6.75 on the clear ($0.67). White are slightly lower priced, $5.30

TKB Trading has recently added a 60 Color Sample Chart to their line of frankening supplies, a tray with 60 shallow wells or 60 nail tips (depending on what side you choose to paint) for $4.50 which works out better than the above price-wise but since it is different in design, I have included both.

TKB sells another style too, check the Tools page. This is listed as a Nail Display on a chain. and comes as two nail displays on a single 24" metal chain, each display having 12 nails for $1.95.

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  1. Nailite now has the gallon of clear topcoat for $48 (128 ounces at .38/ounce) and offers nail polish bottles at $.30 for lots of 120 ($36). Now it will cost .68 to get a bottle and refill it, but that still adds up in savings compared to buying dollar nail polishes.

    Sorry about the comment deletion. I did the wrong math there and wanted to redo it to show the proper numbers.

    1. Thanks for the info! Will get around to adding it.

  2. OMG! This is so informative! Thanks for sharing.

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