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Friday, February 11, 2011

Swatches: TKB Trading Warms

Links checked 12/12/13

Since the sun came out today, I decided to take a break from trying to crack the color code and complete the TKB Trading swatches, the warm color range. All pictures, unless stated otherwise, go from left to right. In each set, the first was taken in daylight, the second in sunlight.

In the yellows and golds are: True Yellow, Lemon Drop Pop!, Crucible Khaki, Hilite Gold, Brilliant Gold, Radiant Gold, Crucible Gold and Forged Gold.
Crucible Khaki (dupe for Coastal Scents' Metallic Olivia- view here), Crucible Gold and Forged Gold are all great metallic pigments but as such, seem to go bad no matter what polish I put them in.

True Yellow, Lemon Drop Pop!, Crucible Khaki & Hilite Gold.

Brilliant Gold, Radiant Gold, Crucible Gold & Forged Gold.

The oranges are: Hilite Orange, Hilite Copper, Lovely Leo, Sparkle Bronze, Australian Amber, Passion Orange, Umber, Copper Penny, Tangerine Pop! and Aztec Gold.
Sparkle Bronze, as the name implies, is very sparkly which makes it one of my favorite colors. Passion Orange and Umber are two more favs, Passion Orange because it is a bright, nearly metallic orange and Umber because it's another good sparkly pigment. Australian Amber is more brown than amber colored so I've never used it in a polish. Aztec Gold is nearly identical to Coastal Scents' Metallic Rustic Gold, view comparison here.

Hilite Orange, Hilite Copper, Lovely Leo & Sparkle Bronze.

Australian Amber, Passion Orange, Umber & Copper Penny.

Tangerine Pop! & Aztec Gold

For the reds we have: Gemtone Ruby, Red Basics, Queen Kathryn, Crucible Red and Deep Russet.
An argument could be made that Gemtone Ruby should be with the pinks but the color order was determined by how the pigment appears in polish and in polish, Gemtone Ruby is darker and redder. Crucible Red is another great metallic but when in polish becomes dark orange and, in my case, goes on the bad list for not playing well with polish.

Gemtone Ruby, Red Basics & Queen Kathryn

Crucible Red & Deep Russet

And finally, pinks: Sparkle Rose, Foliage, Hilite Red, Raspberry Pop!, Strawberry Pop! and Scarlett O’Hara.
Sparkle Rose is another favorite for it's super sparkle and gold interference. It goes well with Chrome Carmine and Duocrome Red Orange from Coastal Scents. Foliage has a match with the other two major pigment companies, Coastal Scents and The Conservatorie but I only own this one and I don't care for it. It's an almost mauve pink with a more violet pink interference. I think of Scarlett O'Hara is a cheaper alternative to Pinky Pink. It's not quite as glittery as Pinky Pink but they are similar in shade and Scarlett has the feel of a fine glitter but without being derived from plastic.

Sparkle Rose, Foliage & Hilite Red.

Raspberry Pop!, Strawberry Pop! & Scarlett O’Hara.

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  1. Since I'm more into eyeshadows, Forged Gold and Foliage are my favorites from those listed here :) Thanks for the swatches! There are some reds here that I now must have...

  2. Thank you for looking. It seems I did a better job with TKB photos than the other companies, will have to fix that. BTW, you do a far better job with eyeshadow and makeup than I do so it's interesting for me to see on you how the pigments look used that way.

  3. Great try. The micas are a little hard to see on your fingers. And the name of "Gemstone Ruby" is actually "Gemtone Ruby". :)

  4. Hard to see? I did include hi-res photos and multiple views, sunlight and not so what would make it easier? Thanks for the spelling correction; I catch most of my errors but not always.

  5. Are these eyeshadow pigments? or nail polish pigments?


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