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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Supplies: Other Good Ideas...

The first brought to you by, none other than TKB Trading!

Periodically I go check TKB's "New!" page for updates and one of those times, I saw that they'd listed an ink mixer, normally used in the tattoo industry. It's portable, runs on 2 AA batteries and mixes via vibration. I don't own it so I can't attest to it's effectiveness but Mrs. Westerman, in a video, used it to mix a newly made franken and I began wondering if it would work on mixing those long settled, no-suspension-base frankens, no shaking or "dead arm" required. This item has been discontinued but I'm leaving it for reference because I still think it's a good idea and an item I'm sure can be found elsewhere.

The second item in this entry was an impulse buy but based on the idea of TKB's silicone sheet- silicone baking cups.

I picked these up on a trip to my local Dollar Tree store, the set of 6 for $1.00. I knew already that polish could be peeled off because I own the Norpro silicone sheet but as much as I like it, it's not portable without rolling it up or folding it. I thought these could protect the work area like the sheet but also contain polish spills and allow me to pour it back in the bottle- I haven't had the opportunity to test that theory out. I can tell you that you don't want to use these with glitter spills because the glitter sticks. -MK

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