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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Franken: #224 Blackstar Turquoise

Links checked 12/12/13

I wanted to show you another franken polish but didn't want to remove my current polish so I'm using my model for this post. This is both a franken and a color recipe comprised mainly of Coastal Scents pigments.

In the Blackstar line of pigments there is a blue, green, red and gold but no purple or aqua color which I thought was a shame so I decided to try my hand at making them. The final result turned out like I wanted but is somewhat diminished in polish.

The supplies used were: CS Summit Turquoise, TKB Black mica, CS Ocean Blue and CS Emerald glitter (using TKB Trading's mini spoon set) for the color recipe. For the franken I also used the requisite BBs, clear polish, Sally Hansen Black Out (XtremeWear) and CS Crystal Ice mica.

The recipe is ®SS Blackstar Turquoise
3 tad (TKB) Black mica
2 tad (CS) Summit Turquoise (like Hilite pigments)
2 smidgen (CS) Ocean Blue Glitter
1 smidgen (CS) Emerald Glitter

Blackstar Turquoise shown below as dry swatches in natural daylight. The swatches on the left were taken outdoors in direct sunlight.

The polish is: an unspecified amount of ®SS, ½ clear, ¼ SH Black Out, and a small amount of Crystal Ice mica for sparkle. Is there such a thing as "too much" pigment? Sure, but I add it until its opaque enough to suit me and settling be damned. I can't paint well on fake hands either.

Outdoors, no sun.

                                            Outdoors, direct sunlight.  

                                        Indoors, daylight but no sun.



  1. sorry for my ignorance- but what is a BB??? Blacb base?
    i keep seeing that in your franken posts, and i wonder!:)

  2. Not a problem. BBs or ball bearings, otherwise known as the small metal balls adding to polish to aide in mixing.


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