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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Franken: #330 Red Sparkle

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Normally I'm not into layering franken polishes because it takes too many coats of polish and too much time but I do occasionally make one that’s so sheer, it can be nothing else. The manicure I'm going to show you was more or less an accident albeit a pleasant one. I'd intended to display one of those oddball duochromes I created, a maroonish red with a green flash/highlight but under certain lighting it took on an unattractive brown hue so it needed spicing up. The polish I chose to accent it is a red glitter, jelly based with some silver holo glitter. Both the holo and the red glitter came from TKB Trading as samples so while the holo is like their Holla Glow glitter, I can't say if the red is the same as the red microfine glitter they sell.

The exact formulation on this one is sort of a mystery because I either didn't write the list of ingredients down or I've since lost them but the supplies I used were the afore mentioned glitters, 2 BBs, clear polish, a touch of TKB's red base, some Glamour base for glitter and as a backup suspension, some L.A. Girl Essentials Nail Lacquer in color #239 Red Sparkle, also a red jelly based glitter polish. I find the L.A Girl polishes a cheaper option for frankening since they are generally less than $2.00 each and widely available online.

The end result is what you see below sans topcoat. It's three coats of the oddball duochrome underneath, two of my #330 Red Sparkle on top. Unfortunately we have more rainy weather so the sun wouldn't oblige me but I tried capturing the sparkle under several different lighting conditions- when the sun does show itself, I'll update the pictures. I'd like to think this polish has the same flair of China Glaze's Ruby Pumps but with various sized red glitters, including the red disc glitter (which would not place evenly) and the addition of a slight holo.

Outdoors in daylight, no sun. What appears as sliver glitter is actually the holo glitter.

Indoors, daylight but no sun.

Indoors under "Daylight" light/lamp but with "Indoors" setting on camera.

Indoors under "Daylight" light/lamp but with "Auto" setting on camera.

Indoors again but under regular light.

These photos were taken a couple days later than those above, outdoors in direct sunlight. I don't feel they are a fair representation of the polish because I can't paint for crap but the lighting was right. The second is blurry but shows at least a little of the holo.

All in all, easy franken to make and one of my favorites. -MK


  1. Ooh that's gorgeous! It does look like ruby pumps!

  2. Thank you! Several days later and its still holding up.


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