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Monday, May 9, 2011

(One of) Life's Little Lessons

When it comes to my computer, I'm security conscious. My passwords are all different, long and convoluted. I never save them, I delete and shred temp files every time I exit Internet Explorer. I have three different programs for security and the typical firewall. I scan my pc multiple times a day as needed and defragment it often. You see, not only am I married to an experienced computer technician but I've been hacked into (as in, watching windows open on your pc and passwords being entered in from the other side of cyberspace) and had all kinds of spyware and viruses so I've learned to be proactive about  security and maintenance. I assumed I was safe and locked down tight. Saturday I learned different.

My son is 11 right now, a pretty smart kid but into Webkins, Pokemon and Bakugan much to my annoyance so he chooses, when allowed, to go to those websites and play the available games. This time, by doing who knows what because I wasn't home, he managed to get not one trojan on my pc but three AND a trojan downloader which as implied, is a trojan that downloads other trojans. That was Saturday afternoon. Now it's Monday evening and I just did get my pc clean- and thats with the pc tech/hubby's help.

Here's my point: if you have children that use your pc, even if you assume or feel certain they know what they are doing on the internet- where not to go, what not to do, what not to open, load or click on, assume that they don't know and act acordingly. -MK


  1. Damn.. You're very unlucky with compiter stuff IMO.. I'm way to lazy to do anything proactive.. I'm pretty sure I have a virus scanner and stuff.. And I've never had any problems like that!

    I have to be more careful! hah

  2. The best home security system in the world isn't going to do any good if you leave the door wide open. You'd be surprised the variety of ways a pc can be compromised, including through a webcam. I do a lot of financial stuff on here and I'm not afraid of peer-to-peer programs but its a risk. My son just clicked on the wrong pop up.


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