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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Franken: #266 Atlantis

Links checked 12/12/13

This franken polish, #266 Atlantis is another layering polish but also a duochrome, shown in this post (on the nails) over #224 Blackstar Turquoise. Any resemblance to China Glaze's polish of the same name is coincidental as I made this before I knew of it.

The supplies used were: 1 bottle, 2 BBs, Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, L.A.Colors (Color Craze line) Radiation, Sally Beauty's glitter I labeled Sally B & Vial A from my Hobby Lobby glitters (view both of these here), Then there was the later addition of TKB Trading's Black franken base to darken it slightly and TKB's Travel to Earth pigment making it a D/C.

The bottle up close.

A closer shot of the glitters used, taken outdoors in sunlight.

Both glitters shown in small swatch in clear polish.

Travel to Earth photo also taken outdoors in sunlight. Though you can't see the color transition you can see its bright green flash.

The exact formulation was 1/3 SC Nail Junkie, 1/3 LAC Radiation, Sally B & Vial A glitters, 3 drops Earth pigment and 3 drops TKB Trading's Black franken base to darken it slightly.

When any of the glitters I own are used, the appearance of the polish is bumpy; the texture changes with the size and amount of glitter used.

Swatches of Atlantis by itself on paper, the left on black, the right on white. Taken indoors in sunlight.

And shown below on nails over #224 Blackstar Turquoise. I have to rely on these to display the duochrome effect (as the angle changes) so these are in the order taken.

This set photographed indoors, daylight but no sun.

Outdoors with sunlight but not direct.

One last photo, outdoors in direct sunlight.


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