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Friday, May 27, 2011

Swatches: Updated Travel tos & Mixes

Links checked 12/12/13

All pictures can be enlarged.

TKB Trading's Travel to series (also sold as the Planetary Sampler) are easily among my favorite pigments, the reason being the endless variety of color they offer if you're willing to play around with them.

I've used these pigments in both clear polish, shown on the left and in black, shown on the right; you can see, there really isn't much difference. In my other post(s), they were shown on a white index card whereas this is a piece of black cardboard. The black background shows the color much better I think.

The order is Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, Neptune, Earth, Mars and Mercury.

These are the same bottles I posted in the first entry Swatches: TKB's Travel to…Pigments only downsized. I used these for the swatches above on the right and those below. The formula was basically the same for all seven (based on the full size bottle): ¼ Mica base, 30 liquid drops L.A.Colors Black Velvet, ½ clear polish, 6+ smidgen (the mini spoon) pigment.

Both of these were taken under the same lighting as the swatches I'll show you later.

Jupiter, Venus, Pluto, Neptune

Earth, Mars, Mercury

Now all those swatches were for comparison purposes. I have taken some of the more notable combinations from the Duochrome Combinations list and mixed them up as color recipes and polish. The (dry) color recipes are simply equal parts of each pigment required.

Set A-I
The formula on each of these was the same. 7½ drops L.A.Colors Black Velvet, 1½ ml Luster base, 3ml clear polish, 4 drops (mini spoon) of the mix. The recipe was broken down for TKB's Elizabeth mini bottle that I have measured as holding 6ml.

295- Mix A: Venus-Merc 3:1
296- Mix B: Pluto-Jupiter 3:1
297- Mix C: Earth-Jupiter 3:1
298- Mix D: Venus-Mars 3:1
299- Mix E: Jupiter-Mercury 1:1
300- Mix F: Jupiter-Mercury 3:1
301- Mix G: Pluto-Mercury 3:1
302- Mix H: Earth-Neptune 3:1
303- Mix I: Neptune-Venus 3:1

From top to bottom we have Mixes B, H, A

From top to bottom we have Mixes E, D, C

From top to bottom we have Mixes I, G, F

Set J-Q
The formula on each of these was the same. 3-4 drops L.A.Colors Black Velvet, 22 drops Luster base, 1½ml or 45 drops clear polish, 2-3 drops (mini spoon) mix. Recipe downsized for a 3ml Bon Bons mini bottle.

321- Mix J: Pluto-Mars 3:1
322- Mix K: Pluto-Neptune 3:1
323- Mix L: Jupiter-Pluto 3:1
324- Mix M: Earth-Pluto 3:1
325- Mix N: Neptune-Earth 3:1
326- Mix O: Venus-Pluto 3:1
327- Mix P: Venus-Neptune 3:1
328- Mix Q: Venus-Jupiter 3:1

From top to bottom we have Mixes L, K, G

From top to bottom Mixes O, N, P

From top to bottom Mixes Q, P

Now aside from the original 7 Travel to's, none of these formulas were configured for actual use on my nails. I wanted to test those particular combinations to see them in transition but they are all very sheer as is, requiring at least 4 coats for these swatches.

Happy Duochroming! -MK


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    1. I've used a brand called Tami, a topcoat from Nailite, cheap topcoats from the Dollar Tree, you name it. On the cheaper end of polish, the quality is about the same.


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