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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alsa Flake Swatches in Sunlight

Links checked 12/12/13

Many of you read my entry New Flakes from Alsa and seemed as excited by them as I was. The day I wrote the entry, it was not only cloudy but rainy as well and as most of us know, glitter doesn’t really shine except when in sunlight so the photos I was able to take were less than stellar. Today the sun decided to play nice and I’ve got better pictures to share with you of the flakes, particularly the holographic ones.

Update 9/17/11: I have since used all the holographic glitters, the finer grade, in clear polish and am pleased to report that none of them have bled and remain brilliant.

All of these are the non-holographic glitters. Since I started with the holos, by the time I got to these I was running out of sunlight. The one where the label is flipped over is Fuchsia.

Silver holographics.

All the colored holographics.

Now for individual pictures.
Lavender holographic

Pink holographic

Gold holographic

Ocean Spray holographic. The second pic, out of focus, shows the holo a bit better.

Blue holographic. The first pic, out of focus, shows the holo effect more.

Check back again for frankens using these. I'll get to it eventually -MK

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  1. I can't wait to see your frankening experiments!

  2. yes, i'm super anxious for the franken experiments. i live vicariously through you! hehe

  3. Me too. I can't wait to see how these look on the nail.

  4. Ladies, I've been working on a new entry, haven't broken into the glitters yet. Poor Courtney, if you live through me, your life must be boring lol. The height of excitement around here is gettting a package.

  5. Well - getting a package IS exciting :)

  6. Hey there, long time no hear. If hubby wasn't so damn cute, I would've married a mailman.


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