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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bling MetalFlake Replacements

Links updated 12/12/13

My replacements for the bleeders arrived yesterday, maybe a couple days ago? from Bling MetalFlake and I wanted to share some preliminary pics. The sunlight wasn’t out when I took them so these are lamp light pics at my little “workstation” which is actually our dinner table/kids computer desk. I did find a setting on my camera however that appears to offset the yellow tint of lamplight.

Top Row: Copper Penny. 008”, Orange .008”
Bottom Row: Yellow Gold .015”, Holographic Gray .008”, Emerald .004”

Copper Penny .008” is exactly the color of a newly minted penny and also happens to be my favorite shade of copper.

Early results for the bleed test are encouraging. It’s been 3 days but it shows no signs of bleeding. There were a few violet glitters from Kit Kraft in here that finished bleeding and lent the pinkish hint to the copper coloring.

#30 Orange .008” is a vivid orange but not sure how it compares to Coastal Scents’ Ripe Orange glitter which is also very bright.

The bleed test has been positive, minor bleeding but barely noticeable and the color has remained vivid orange.

Yellow Gold .015” is the largest glitter I own from Bling MetalFlake, quite a bit bigger in particle size compared to everything else I own. This size is not listed on their website but is in the eBay store. I have yet to find a large gold that doesn’t bleed though so I’m eager to see how the bleed test goes.

Yellow Gold also appears to bleed slightly but not enough to worry me. Minor bleeding is tolerable as long as the glitter stays the color it was supposed to be and this stays/has stayed bright.

Holographic Gray .008” is not listed on their website, Mr. Fourman was nice enough to throw that one in for free. It’s definitely not silver but its more than gray, maybe a dusky blue tone.

I have not done a bleed test on this one, don’t feel the need. The worst it could do would be to bleed to silver and that’s not a big deal but I don’t expect that.

#27 Emerald .004” was sort of accidental. I ordered the .008” size but got the .004” instead but while the size matches Coastal Scents Emerald glitter, I don’t think the colors are quite the same.

This one does not bleed.

Bearing in mind that the bleed test is just 3 days old, these will be updated if necessary.

Reading the micro-sized ingredient list on the back of a clear polish, there are a couple different alcohols in it (and in colored polish too) so I’m guessing that it is the long term submersion in these alcohols that aid in the bleeding of a glitter.

If it says anything at all about alcohols, recently I broke an ink pen and got red ink all over my hand. Going into the kitchen to wash it off, I brushed my hand against my green recliner, giving my chair a nice vivid red stripe. I was able to remove most of it by blotting the stain with paper towels wet with rubbing alcohol. -MK

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  1. Can't wait to see what you do with these!

  2. I'm slow, have done nothing with them other than the bleed test because I've been occupied by the SpectraFlair. Bleed test has been positive.

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