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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Color Recipes 3

Links checked 12/12/13
I didn't mean to post this entry but what the heck, I'll go with it.

Since these recipes were made before TKB Trading's Pops! pigments were discontinued please see my entry Alternatives to TKB's discontinued Pops.

More color recipes made from both TKB Trading and Coastal Scents pigments in addition to some eyeshadow sets, L.A. Colors Tease Collection and Almay Trio for Greens. I’ve purchased the 5 spoon set TKB Trading sells for this purpose. I won’t claim that these recipes I made are “outstanding” but they are definitely different.

When it comes to cooking I never follow a recipe to the letter and I feel the same about color recipes. Feel free to tweak the recipe to suit yourself.

In each picture is the recipe from above, small finger sample ala TKB Trading and a swatch in polish below that. I'm aware I need better pictures.

(from Tease collection)   

(from Trio for Greens)

Color Recipes

II- “Coral”
2x LAC pink eyeshadow
(from Tease collection)
2 pinch (CS) Duocrome Red Orange
2 pinch (TKB) Sparkle Rose
2 pinch (TKB) Lemon Drop Pop

 JJ- “Shimmering”                      
Almay dark green eyeshadow
(from Trio for Greens)
2 drop (TKB) Pisces Blue
2 pinch (TKB) Emerald
1 tad (TKB) Apple Green Pop
1 tad (CS) Crystal Ice
2 smidgen, 2 drop (TKB) Hilite Green

KK- “Princess”                           
4 dash (CS) Blue Claret Pearl
4 dash (TKB) Scarlett O’Hara
1 smidgen (CS) Cerise Flambe
1 smidgen (CS) Crystal Ice
1 smidgen (TKB) Hilite Red
1 drop (CS) Sparkle Gold
2 smidgen (CS) Hot Side Pink

              LL- Forest               
2x LAC-A (green)
(from Tease collection)
2 pinch, 2 drop (TKB) Apple Green Pop
3 dash Blackstar Green
1 smidgen (TKB) Green Apple
2 drop (CS) Majestic Green
1 drop (CS) Paradise Diamond Pearl

MM- “Echo”                              
1 dash (TKB) Pisces Blue
2 pinch (TKB) Apple Green Pop
4 dash (TKB) Blueberry Pop

NN- “Spring Thing”                  
Almay-A (light green)
(from Trio for Greens)
3 dash (TKB) Green Apple
4 dash (CS) Summit Turquoise

OO- “Hilite Lime”                    
2 drop, I dash (TKB) Hilite Green
2 drop, 1 dash (TKB) Hilite Gold

PP- “Hilite Peri”                        
2 dash (TKB) Hilite Violet
2 dash (TKB) Hilite Blue

QQ- “Hilite Pink”                      
1 dash (TKB) Hilite Violet
1 dash, 1 drop (TKB) Hilite Red


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  1. Very nice work. I'm thinking of starting a business similar to TKB Trading's - can you tell me what you need that they do not have? I've been part of the cosmetic industry for a bit, so I may be able to get things unavailable elsewhere. Do you still want to get Stearalkonium Hectorite? Do you want an easier way to color nail polish?

  2. Thank you, Robert.
    As you may be aware, suspension is always an issue in making your own nail polish. TKB Trading now sells a suspension base but the ingredient is not Stearalkonuim Hectorite. It works as advertised but cost keeps it from being something I use in every fanken. Unless the Stearalkonium Hectorite could be purchased for less, there isn’t much point. As far as what they don’t have that I might use, the list is not very long because I am excellent at improvising with what’s handy. I would like to see a much larger selection of truly colorfast glitters in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes. I would like to see more duochrome pigments and more from the Reflecks line. And more colors, there should always be more colors of everything. What else is there to color it with? I like my pigments very much but the more that is added, the less visual depth the polish has. Any ideas you have, I’m open to.

  3. What do you do with these powder mixtures? Are they for nail color? Eye shadow?

  4. I use mine exclusively for nail polish because I don't wear makeup. They coould be eyeshadow though, I am 99% sure the various micas are cosmetic grade and eye-safe. However, I find mixing colors an exercise in frustration so I don't do it unless I'm extremely bored.

  5. All the research you've done and the info you've blogged is amazing! It blows me away that you've put in so much time and obviously brain power, not to mention money. I would REALLY love to see your creations swatched. And for sale. Please, please, please?

  6. Oh, I forgot...I got my spectraflair from kitties26 a few days ago and am a bit intimidated by the prospect of mixing. I got both suspension bases from TKB too. I want to make a topcoat. Does it matter which base I use?

  7. I'm a stay at home mom, my boys are in middle school so I have LOTS of time to invest and sometimes I have more fun doing the research than frankening. My blog helps me keep track of information too so it seemed like a good idea to share it.

    As far as my creations, well, you can't sell people an inferior product. I hate sheer polishes so I have a tendency to over pigment it. I can certainly show them however. I'm flattered that you think they would be worth selling though.

    I've never been able to understand how you get around the legal issues of selling frankens either, not if the formula is partly or fully made from store bought/salon polishes. Not that all mine are mind you but its something I've wondered about.

  8. Don't feel bad, I'm a little intimidated by the SpectraFlair myself and have not used it yet. If you have both the mica and glitter bases, I'd probably use the glitter. Even at its smaller particle size, its still got metal in it and would be heavier than mica (I would assume). Me, I'd probably dilute it a little with clear polish too.

  9. I'm a stay @ home mom too, 14 & 22 yr old. But now I'm in college pt time. Does that still count? I understand the sheer polish issue. And I've wondered about the frankens made from commercial products also. But I still would like to see some of your final products. Do you wear them?

  10. My rugrats are 12 & 14 and yes, it still counts even if you go to school because you are setting a good example for your kids. I plan on posting a few of those frankens, got three or for ready to post soon but no, I don't wear them often outside of color testing. My little secret is that I don't paint my nails well and dont enjoy doing it which is rather ironic considering the hobby. On the other hand, a manicure that would please me would not be good enough for many other women to be seen out in public with. My nails also break constantly so I dont usually have decent even ones worth painting. I hate sporting the short and stumpies. Give me time, I'll get some posted, got #365 of them to pick from. I was making frankens about a year before I started the blog.

  11. Haha...That really IS ironic. Maybe you need "stunt hands" to stand in for yours! I'm patient. I can wait.

  12. This blog is an incredible source of information. Thank you!

    One question that you might have an answer to-
    Do you have any idea where I can get glitter in a medium-large size (like the pieces that are in Lippmanns Glitter In the Air) that does bleed? I'm dying to find a black one but I'm not having any luck at all.

    Thanks again for recording all of your info here for the rest of us to read. I've spent the last 2 hours here haha.

  13. Denise, I hve stunt hands lol- the hand shaped ring holders. I'm surrounded by males so I have to content myself with plastic.

  14. Erin, thank you for visiting. I don't own any Lippman polishes so bear in mind this is guesswork. Looking at the Lippman you mentioned the glitter is probably 1 to 2mm, the size of Wet 'n' Wild's Party of Five. 1mm is "fine" grade or .040" and sells glitter in that size but I cannot say if it bleeds or not. Kit Kraft Inc has a large selection of fine black glitters but my experience with them has been mixed- some bleed, some don't. Creative Images is your final option but again, bleeding issues are not known. All stores can be found on my Glitter Supplier page.


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