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Friday, September 9, 2011

New Flakes from Alsa

Prices Updated 12/11/13, Links checked 12/12/13
My mailman says he loves that I am always home; I love my mailman when he brings me packages, especially when it's before 12p. I've ordered a bunch of things lately and the first to arrive are my flakes from Alsa.  

If you've read my last couple posts you know that I've become interested in automotive flakes (glitter) because they are solvent resistant but still polyester. The glitters I last purchased from Hobby Lobby, Kit Kraft Inc. & Esters Nail Center turned out to be such a disappointment because they bled their colors in the polish that I'm ready to try something new.

A lot of companies make automotive flakes so it was hard to make a decision about what to buy first. One of the more reasonably priced options were flakes by the Alsa Corporation, in part because they offer a sample deck- see below!

On a metal ring are sample bags of every size and shape flake that they offer, 34 in all. I don't have a scale handy so I can't say how much is in each one but its looks like enough for several bottles at least. Alsa's flakes are usually sold in 6 ounce jars so this was a better way to get an assortment without the large quantity (and price).

I bought mine from Pivco LLC for $21.00, about $9 for shipping & handling but unfortunately they are no longer available. You can also buy the Sample Deck through Alsa's website for $28.00. Alsa will ship international but obviously since I am in the USA and they are too, I don't know what shipping would cost (not to mention what the currency conversion is for various countries).

Update 4/25/12: Lynnae, one of my readers, has informed me that the sample deck can also be purchased from Terry's Auto Supply Inc. for $28.00, $7.25 for shipping. The sample deck as of 12/11/13 is no longer available.

An overview.
The best thing is that among all those colors is also a nice selection of holographics.

3 sizes of tinsel glitter, 3 grades of hex glitter and even diamond shapes.

Even the black is shiny.

Not holographic but still pretty.

I love rainbows.

Copper is one of my favorite colors; I always said I'd like to dye my hair the color of a new copper penny.

Both Golds are holographic.

There is only one green which is unfortunate as that is my favorite color.

Two sizes of Ocean Spray, both holographic.

And bring on the blues…

Holographics although they aren't showing it well.

And darker blues.

Last but not least, holographic purple.

I haven't used any of these yet because I'm still waiting on my suspension base from TKB Trading (and Bling Metalflake flakes, Klean Color polishes & SpectraFlair from Kitties26) but I am looking forward to playing around with them. Check back soon.

Update 9/17/11: I have since used all the holographic glitters, the finer grade, in clear polish and am pleased to report that none of them have bled and remain brilliant. -MK

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  1. Wow! So many lovely colors and sizes at once! I can't wait to see what they look like as polish. Thanks again for the great info you share!

  2. All those choices would leave me paralyzed with indecision! I'm looking forward to your future posts!!!

  3. Ladies, ladies, I cannot wait either. Preliminary tests have gone well so far. I’ll keep you posted. And thanks for coming by.

  4. Oh wow, these look beautiful. I can't wait to see what you create with them. I wonder if they ship internationally?

  5. Kitties26, I just checked on Alsa's website, added the flake sample deck to the cart etc and yes, they ship international, including to your country of Australia.

  6. Hello, I just found your blog and I just can't believe how incredibly helpful you are. I actually found you because I ordered TKB's glamour base last night and I was searching for reviews and such. Anywho, I was going to order some of their micas today and I see that they also have a luster base that is for micas. Do you know if the glamour base will work as a suspension for micas too, or if I need to buy the luster base as well. Any help is appreciated and feel free to email me to dandy . nails at yahoo dot com

    Thank you!!

  7. Dandy, I believe the glam base and the luster base have the same ingredients although the glam base is a little thicker. Logically, what's good enough to suspend glitter should also suspend mica. I'm sure I've done it since I didn't bother to buy both bases last time but I'm a penny pincher too.

  8. I tried ordering from Alsa about four months ago, my order wouldn't go through so I e-mailed them to ask about my order, no reply yet.
    Is is my bad luck or have anybody else experienced this?

    1. I warned those who might place an order with Alsa to call rather than email- it's not your bad luck, it's the indirect communication. I had a similar problem which I addressed in my review of the store, link below. Kitties26 also had problems placing an order which is why I acted as a middle-man. Direct from Alsa or from Pivco LLC, its the same product but Pivco didn't worry me at all.

  9. These samples are still unavailable at Pivco, and shipping direct from Alsa was just way too high for me. I ended up getting them from Terry's Auto Supply, here:

    The sample deck is $28 from them. Shipping to me in California was about $7.25.

    1. Thanks for that info! I've been considering ordering another but hadn't done so yet. Now I need to update my Alsa entries.

  10. I think the sample deck might be sold out or discontinued on the terrys auto supply site. The is no picture for the item and it shows up as $0.00?

    1. You appear to be correct. Pivco LLC doesn't sell them either which leaves us with Alsa themselves.


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