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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Walgreens Makeup Find

I went to Walgreens the other day to pick up a few things and they are stocking all sorts of goodies, no doubt in preparation for Christmas so I wandered down the cosmetics, nail polish and hair care isles (like I do every chance I get). Up on the top shelf in the hair care isle I found a couple displays with Profusion brand makeup kits, one being a 120 piece eye shadow set… for $10.00! I haven’t worn makeup regularly in years (in fact what I do own is probably expired) but 120 colors were hard to resist, particularly at $10. Some of the kits in the display had broken corners or shadows crumbled out but I found one with the least amount of damage.
Top picture shows the broken corner, tthe second displays the pull-out tray, bottom tray and mirror. The third picture was taken outside in sunlight for the most accurate display of color.

Naturally I intend to pop the eye shadows out of their little pans and turn them into fingernail polish at some point so when I do, I’ll post a few of them. To my way of looking at it I just acquired enough colors for 120 (possible) bottles of fingernail polish for $10.

Note: For those of you that find this (or similar) in your local Walgreens store and bought it for the same purpose as I did, the bottom tray with the square pans will come up and out - the glue used is weak- but the pans themselves do not remove as easily and will deform when you try to pry them up. The triangular pans in the top tray are easily removable with a needle under a corner but will also deform.

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