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Friday, October 1, 2010

Color Recipes 1

Links checked 12/12/13. The original date of this post is 2010 so all of these pigments are not available for purchase. Coastal Scents pigments, the ones still current, can now be found at MicaPowder, CS's bulk website.

Since these recipes were made before TKB Trading's Pops! pigments were discontinued please see my entry Alternatives to TKB's discontinued Pops.

As promised what I have for you today are a few color recipes I whipped up from both TKB Trading and Coastal Scents pigments. I mentioned in another entry that TKB has an extensive collection of color recipes on their website and I’ve made some of these as well, purchased the 5 spoon set TKB Trading sells for this purpose. I won’t claim that these recipes I made are “outstanding” but they are definitely different. In the case of “In the Mood” and “Red Violet” I didn’t apparently keep track of the exact amounts used but at least put them in order of least to greatest.
When it comes to cooking I never follow a recipe to the letter and I feel the same about color recipes. Feel free to tweak the recipe to suit yourself.
In each picture is the recipe from above, small finger sample ala TKB Trading and a swatch in polish below that.

Update 10/22/10: I am still not pleased with what was supposed to be a polish swatch on these pictures so I'm adding a pic of my index card swatches. The color turned out a little better.

O- “Fairy Kisses”
3 dash (TKB) Pearl White
2 dash (CS) Blue Claret Pearl
2 dash (TKB) Raspberry Pop
1 dash “Red-Violet”

P- “Lavender”
Equal parts (TKB) Raspberry
Pop & (TKB) Blueberry Pop
pinch of (CS) Metallic Red
4 pinches (TKB) Raspberry Pop

R- “Majestic”
2 dash (CS) Majestic Green
1 dash (TKB) Colorona Dark
1 dash (TKB) Blueberry Pop
1 dash (TKB) True Green

K- “Red-Violet”
(CS) Antique Red
(TKB) Grape Pop
(TKB) Bishops Violet
(TKB) Hilite Violet

V- Vixen
2 dash (TKB) Scarlett O’Hara
2 smidgen (TKB) Grape Pop

U- “Concord
2 smidgen (TKB) Grape Pop
5 smidgen (TKB) Deep Blue

W- “Seafoam”
1 dash, 1 smidgen (TKB) Apple
Green Pop
1 pinch (TKB) Pisces Blue

X- “Butterscotch”
2 dash, 2 smidgen, 3 pinch (TKB) Lemon Drop Pop
3 smidgen (CS) Met. Rustic

Y- “Grace”
2 pinch (CS) Chrome Carmine
1 dash, 1 pinch (TKB) Scarlett

Z- “In the Mood”
(TKB) Colorona Blue
(CS) Metallic Pixie Purple
(TKB) Deep Blue
(TKB) Blueberry Pop

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  1. Dear me, those really look good!

  2. Thank you for being my first official follower by the way. I'm glad you like the recipes, I have a few more to post in the next few days, sunlight willing. Also, the polish samples are slightly off in color so I'll fix those soon.


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