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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Franken #376 SF San Francisco

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Today's franken polish is a special one made with my coarse grade SpectraFlair and one of my favorite green polishes San Francisco from Sinful Colors. San Francisco is the main Sinful Colors but there’s also See You Soon and Ciao Bella as well as Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Ocean Grotto and Teal of Fortune, added for extra sparkle. Given my tendency to overload things, I’ve tried to stay away from using any pigments other than the SpectraFlair itself and that was apparently a good idea because SF San Fran turned out better than expected.

SC San Francisco, WW Ocean Grotto, SC See You Seen, WW Teal of Fortune, SC Ciao Bella
SF San Fran, coarse grade SpectraFlair
Photo taken under lamp light

I don’t have any small bottles handy so this was made as half a regular 15ml bottle. The recipe is as follows: (filled to) 1/3 bottle San Francisco, 10 drops Ocean Grotto, 11 drops Teal of Fortune, 16 drops each of See You Soon and Ciao Bella. I added the SpectraFlair in the amount of 1 and 1/2 drops using TKB Trading’s Drop spoon from the five spoon set. I could have added more SpectraFlair and possibly made the holo effect less scattered but I didn’t want to push my luck on the formula.

The pictures show 3 coats of #376 SF San Francisco which applied smoothly and dried glossy even without a basecoat or topcoat. And wouldn’t you know not long after the final coat, I hit my index fingernail on my camera tripod. Pardon the paint job.

All indoors sunlight pics

Up close

Normal lighting, no flash 

Under lamp light

I wouldn’t mind sporting this one for a while but I’m on to the next one. -MK


  1. What a beautiful result!
    Specktraflair is really the magic dust :>

  2. Yes, I think I may be in love with it, certainly glad I broke down and bought some. It's one of my most expensive polish-related expenses but well worth it.

    Thank you for the compliments.


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