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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Franken #364 BF Holo Green

Links checked 12/12/13

Since most of my posted franken polishes are green, there is little doubt that that is my favorite color so you can imagine my pleasure when I saw that Bling MetalFlake sold a holographic green flake (glitter). I bought it and have used it but soon realized as pretty as it was, it is far better suited to be a top coat than a franken polish additive.

Before I removed #376 SF San Francisco, (if you haven't seen it, go check it out) I decided to show you what the Holo Green looks like layered so I added one coat. No more than one was necessary as I made this in a small bottle with a heavy concentration of glitter. I could apologize once again for the bad paint job or the condition of my nails but I’m assuming you’re here for the color, not my lack of skill in painting.

Here’s my little bottle by itself. As I said in the entry(ies) about BlingMetalflake, the Holo Green is a bit of a bleeder but not terribly so. The polish (originally just a clear polish) is colored but the flakes retained both their holographic finish and the vivid green coloring. If you pull up the enlarged image it becomes apparent that these are square cut, not hex cut.

The bottle and the manicure.

Indoors sunlight shots

This image I left slightly blurry because it shows the holo better.

Indoors, no sun.

Finally, because I felt I could not capture the holographic effect of this polish, I have included a couple short videos, not that you must view them of course. It was shot indoors but in sunlight so you could see how much this truly sparkles in the light. Due to the poor quality playback of videos on my blog, if you wish to watch them, I put them on YouTube.



  1. Eeeeeeee! I'm so glad you decided to show your creations! They have all been wonderful so far! Don't give hang about your skill. I still "go out of the lines." My husband asks why i don't have a "professional" paint my nails. Geez, men!

  2. I just love this. Your whole mani looks amazing. Love the square shape. I quite like the amount it bled to, it makes it look like you worked hard to put the flakes in a jelly base.

  3. Slightly squared requires less filing which I try to avoid doing as much as possible because my nails love to split off on the sides and peel in layers. I also seem to have a visual perspective problem because things are never quite straight. It really did bleed nicely, and although BlingFlakes other colored holos do, its a shame more of them don't that way. Those glitters from Kit Kraft and Esters were a total waste.

  4. Denise- if your husband realized how much a pro nail job cost, he'd be bitching about how much you spent if you maintained them weekly. My sister does her own touch ups and such but she still spends $60 a visit.

  5. I know right! I can think of a few polishes I'd rather spend $60 on! Or franking stuff.


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