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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sneak Peek of SpectraFlair Franken Polish

I was super bored yesterday so I started messing around with a few BlingFlake, Alsa flakes and my coarse grade SpectraFlair. I called it a sneak peek because I only have my index finger painted (I was color testing) and won’t have the chance to do a proper job until Tuesday. -MK

They are all indoors sunlight macros.



  1. This might look prettier in person but what I've learned is that Spectraflair doesn't seem to want to play nice with other glitters. I make the most beautiful blue glitter with a Sinful colors blue glitter jelly base, my Coastal Scents holographic glitter and blue food color(which makes it a very stain inducing polish, but gorgeous so I deal). I figured if I put in some Spectraflair it would be the most amazing polish ever created. Wrong. It seemed to make it this weird flat drying opaque mess. I may have added too much but other little experiments proved to be unsuccessful as well. The only reason I'm comparing yours to mine is it seems to apply thick like mine ended up doing. I can't wait until Tuesday because if yours does end up looking different I'd love to know what you did. Thanks.

  2. Ok, well, I'll say this much: maybe SpectraFlair doesn't play nice with glitter and maybe this polish and its appearance isn't for everybody but in my opinion, I think its pretty. What you see on my index finger is three coats, none of those were thick and it dried super fast... but you'll just have to wait until Tuesday =) I know, what a tease.


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