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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

School Break & Other BS

It was a four day weekend here, my boys not having school for Professional Development Day and some other reason, both of which are supposed to be their “fall break”. Fall break? I’m only 33, there was no fall break when I was in school or Professional Development Day, what the heck do kids need all these days off for? I guess they’d just hate it if school was year ‘round and I would’ve too, as a kid, but as an adult I can see the value of it. I see the value of wearing uniforms too…

At any rate, I spent my four day “break” at my father’s house as I do most holidays, snow days and breaks even though I have no idea why. I spent the majority of the time either arguing over stupid crap and my husband or cleaning my father’s house in self defense because that’s the one and only occasion he won’t interrupt me. We argue and fight all the time but when I’m there, I have no escape. My father is the most negative, poisonous person I know and his moods infect all. Oh yes, we have a highly dysfunctional relationship.

I got nothing done related to the blog, research, franken polish or even a “proper manicure” and I am in the mood to do nothing. I will likely do none of it tomorrow either. We are supposed to honor thy father and thy mother but when do the children deserve it?

I probably should keep my personal life to myself but when the mood hits, I speak my mind.

As far as the "multi-chromatic flakes" in Nubar/Nfu Oh etc, I have nothing new. Neither company ever answered my enquiry, I don't expect one. I emailed Mr. Fourman from Bling Metalflake since he is a custom painter to see if he might have ideas/suggestions but have not heard back yet. The little bit of reading I've done since suggests only the same possibilities as before.

If you are not a man of your word, if you do not do as you say you are going to, if your word is not your promise... you are no man at all and need to reevaluate the way you live your life. -MK


  1. Sorry about your relationship with your dad. That's tough. Do something for YOU if you can, to restore your spirit. :)
    Our kids have day(s) off of school, on average, every 3 weeks. If it isn't a big holiday, it's a minor one. And if it's neither they call it a professional day. I blame the teachers and their unions.
    All year school is right around the corner here. Oklahoma City schools are already trying it this year. My kids don't have crops to bring in every summer! Do yours?!

  2. Keep up your spirit until you can get out of there and back home. I know first hand how difficult it is to have a parent like that. There isn't much you can do besides trying to create a mental shield against that negativity. Let it bounce off you and try not to dish it back to him (or anyone else). It will only be like throwing gasoline into a fire.
    I really enjoy your blog. You are so informative and detailed. Your blog is unique. It isn't the typical swatch/review type that is out there. It is a gem for the franken community!! Keep up the good work and thank you for all the valuable information you have already provided!!! (And I am confident that you will one day crack that flakie mystery!) :)

  3. Denise, I live in Kentucky but we're in the suburbs. If my kids had to bring in the crops, we'd all starve although even if they were willing to, they'd never eat them. Vegetables? No way. There must be some truth that girls mature faster than boys because I don't remember being that way at that age.

  4. Frankenstyna, it took me over a year to decide I had something worth sharing to make a blog so I'm glad it fit in the nail polish community somewhere. And very glad so many women continue to "tune in". I'm not vain by nature but I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't pleased.

  5. Sigh I'm not really sure what I can say to help you in dealing with your dad as I have a similar relationship with my mum, I basicly try to stay away from her when we're in the same house, but that wouldn't work in your situation.

    I agree with Frankenstyna your blog is very different and informative, a great resource.

    Ok I have some info on the flakie front, theres another company that does flakie polishes in fact they have a whole line of 15 flakie polishes! The company is called Golden Rose and their polishes are very reasonably priced, something like 3-4 dollars. I haven't tried their polish yet but I have tried other items of makeup of theirs and they are good.

    There's another company that has done flakies polishes and that's Cult Nails and she might answer our questions about flakies as Cult is a new company, she blogs and reads blogs aswell plus when I emailed her about shipping she was very friendly.


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