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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Franken: #235 Capricorn Blue

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As with all pictures, click to enlarge if desired.

TKB Trading's astrological themed pigments are among my favorites, particularly Capricorn Sea so I've chosen #235 Capricorn Blue for this franken polish post.

Capricorn Blue is composed of two TKB Trading pigments, Capricorn Sea and Indian Blue as well as clear polish and a small amount of Sinful Colors Love Nails. I use Sinful Colors brand often because they are available for $2.00 in my local Walgreens and they seem thicker compared to other drugstore brands which helps when you thin it back out by adding clear. Similar colors would be Color Club Emerald Depths or NYC East Village.

For reference: the bottom container is Capricorn Sea with Indian Blue on top. Sinful Colors Love Nails is shown next to #235 Capricorn Blue. You can see from the picture that while Capricorn Sea and Indian Blue are very similar, Capricorn Sea has the more dramatic color shift from blue to green and larger particle size making it more sparkly than Indian Blue.

After adding the typical two BBs I filled the bottle ¼ with Sinful Colors Love Nails and the other 2/4s with clear polish, in this case Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine but any will do.

Because I created this for myself and before the blog, I didn't measure the amount of pigment used but Indian Blue was first, used to strengthen the base color of the Love Nails/clear combo and make it less sheer. The Capricorn Sea was added second but in a slightly larger quantity making it the dominant color in this one.

Photographed outside in sunlight.

Photographed indoors, indirect sunlight.

There is a color-shifting effect but it's proven difficult for me to capture it in a photograph. Photographed indoors, indirect sunlight.


  1. I tried Taurus Orion with clear polish only and it turned out a disaster - it looked so matte when it dried, the multidimensional effect disappeared :S I guess I used too much of it, I should have used a base color too like you did.

  2. I figured that out after the fact. I have a bottle with just Cap Seas mixed with clear and ended up with the same result; cheap top coat didn't improve that it much. Even with the base color in this version it's still not as glossy as I wish but better than the original bottle. The top coat on this one was some Sally Hansen in a silver bottle... can't find the bottle at the moment.

  3. I can't seem to stop myself from putting an "s" at the end of Capricorn Sea.


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