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Monday, December 6, 2010

Franken: #236 Duocrome Taurus

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Years before I ever heard the term franken polish, I was referring to mixed polishes as mutts. After all, a mutt was a called a mutt because it was a mix of breeds and the breed didn't have a name of its own. These days we have such illustrious breed names as a "cockapoo", "bullweiler", "English mastweiler", "labradoodle"… not purebreds to be sure but the names exist. It seemed perfectly logical to me at 11 years old to call my mixed polishes "mutts", particularly since my own dog was half Husky, half German Sheppard with one blue eye and one brown. I did not call him some silly name like a shusky nor do I name my polishes silly names…usually.

You'll see I've taken a different approach to nail polish photography, substituting a ring holder for my own hand. The reasons for this are simple: my actual nails are frightening looking when not painted, I don't paint my right hand well with my left and I cannot photograph my own hand with one hand.  

As with all pictures, click to enlarge if desired.

The name of this one, like them all, comes from the pigments used to create it, one that I can read and remember instantly. #236 Duocrome Taurus, a combination of Coastal Scents Duocrome Iridescent Green Gold pigment and TKB Trading's Taurus Orion pigment.

The picture was taken in sunlight outside (on my balcony). Coastal Scents Duocrome Green Gold is the bottom container, TKB Trading Taurus Orion is on the top.

After adding two BBs I filled the bottle roughly ¼ with a lime-green Bon Bon polish, very similar to Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Ivy League but thinner and less pigmented. I also added 15 drops of Pure Ice Excuse Me, a very bright shimmery yellow and filled it to the ¾ mark with a cheap clear polish. Yes, sometimes I mark the bottle in fourths with a permanent marker.

I did not measure the amount of pigment I used but it was enough to make it a three coat-er (any more pigment than that makes it too thick- and this was made by me before there was a suspension base available from TKB). It is primarily Taurus Orion, the Duocrome Green Gold served to lighten it and add a bit more shine. Taurus Orion by itself in polish has an almost matte finish so it would need a high shine top coat.

If the light is lower and indirect it appears to look more Duocrome Green Gold. Photographed indoors, no sun.

In bright or direct light, particularly in sunlight, the Taurus Orion side comes out and you can see the multi colors of green. Both pictures taken outdoor in sunlight.

Macro shot to show dimension in color. Ignore the smudges.


  1. Wow, this one is nice! I should get my hands on some pigments, instead of just mixing the polishes I have..

  2. Taurus Orion was one of the first pigments I bought and I've never been sorry. All of TKB's astrological themed pigments are beautiful but Capricorn Seas, Taurus Orion and Pisces Blue are my favorites. I've mixed plenty of my store bought polishes too and as I'm sure you've discovered, sometimes you run out of room in the bottle to change it anymore. Using a powder gives you a little more room for error and I feel, more of an opportunity to make a truly different color.


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