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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pigments Just Purchased

This is a list of my pigments just purchased from The Conservatorie, TKB Trading and Coastal Scents with pictures to be added soon. And yes, I realize I still haven't swatched all of my old collection. That's a daunting task.

The Conservatorie:
1.       SuperNova Blue
2.       SuperNova Red
3.       SuperNova Green
4.       Frosty Gold Luster
5.       Frosty Glitter Green
6.       Frosty Glitter Blue
7.       Starlight Ruby
8.       Merlot Gold
9.       Starlight Green
10.     Red Clay Satin
11.     Pink (Green) Interference
12.     Watermelon
13.     Lovely/Magic Pink
14.     Ruby Red
15.     Peach Sunset (Fenda Orange)
16.     Golden Green Mica
17.     Magic Violet Mica
18.     Pansy
19.     Indigo
20.     Sparkling Violet
21.     Bubblegum Pink
22.     Opal Violet Pearl
23.     Opal Copper/Copper Pearl
24.     Primrose
25.     Hot Pink
26.     Midori Blue
27.     Violet
28.     Shimmer Green
29.     Shamrock Green
30.     Luster Blue

TKB Trading:
1.       Gold Reflecks
2.       Burning Leaves
3.       Pinky Pink
4.       Bronze Reflecks
5.       Turquoise Tweak
6.       Copper Reflecks
7.       Her Majesty
8.       Travel to Mercury
9.       Travel to Mars
10.     Travel to Earth
11.     Travel to Venus
12.     Travel to Neptune
13.     Travel to Jupiter
14.     Travel to Pluto

Coastal Scents:
1.       Duocrome BG
2.       Mauve Quartz
3.       Orchid Shimmer
4.       Paradise Sea Green
5.       Sparkle Blue
6.       Sterling Silver Glitter .008
7.       Fairy Dust Glitter .008

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