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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No Truth in Advertising

This is totally unrelated to polish or pigments.

I just saw a commercial for some "fabulous, miracle stretch mark cream, free to the first 100 callers! Will remove stubborn stretch marks from any part of the body." and the angle they used to sell it was a cute little blond with a flat stomach talking to her friend (at the gym of all places), implying that the cream works so well that it even got rid of her pregnancy-stretch marks.

My complaint is this: If it supposedly works on any part of the body, why use the stomach of a woman in her early 20's who clearly has never had a baby in her life to demonstrate that point? I've had two kids, I was huge with the first one and I know what my stomach looks like and consider myself fortunate that my stretch marks aren't purplish like my mothers were.

Why must advertising lie to us to sell us something and treat us like 5 year olds too stupid to know better? If a company makes a quality product, they don't have to lie to sell it, quality speaks for itself.

Take the pharmaceutical industry for example. As if all Americans have health insurance, they advertise the latest and greatest in drugs to cure whatever ails you where everyone in the commercial is smiling and happy and looks like they just won the lottery. And tagged on at the end of the commercial, what would be considered "fine print" in a document, they list the myriad of side effects you can experience from taking the drug, most of them far worse than whatever it's supposed to fix. Then later we're beseiged by all the ambulance-chasing lawyer commercials wanting to start a class-action lawsuit over the miracle drug that turns out to be fatal. Tort lawsuits are big business, you know.

Mike Tyson has been quoted as saying (paraphrasing), "As hard as you're working to make money, someone out there is working just as hard to take your money." I agree.


  1. Ha ha ha ha!! Well, perhaps the woman in the commercial is one of those genetic freaks. And perhaps the product worked so well that she had to display the results...

  2. Most companies treat their potential clients as idiots. So do the politicians - just look at the election campaigns. Solution - boycott. Boycott the products, boycott the companies - there are plenty of alternatives to choose from, mostly on the lower shelves in the shops. I do not buy Blend-a-Med or Colgate because their commercials make me feel nauseous.
    With politicians its a bit more difficult - they ALL treat their electorate as if they were morons. I feel personally insulted when I happen to see an election campaign on TV: after all it is directed at ME, the voter.


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