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Friday, December 3, 2010

Franken Polish Base Update

Links checked 12/12/13

Updated 4/26/12- Don't forget to check Suspension Base Suppliers & Notes for all possible sources.

I have news for you today in case you haven't checked TKB Trading's website in the last couple days.

Yesterday they updated their frankenpolish supplies again and added 4oz quantities of their various Franken Polish Bases. This drops the price for 1 ounce/1 bottle considerably, making it more affordable for me and anyone else creating polish en masse.

The 1oz size is enough to fill 2 regular polish bottles while the 4oz is enough for 8 bottles. I've broken it down to what you'll pay per ounce of base and per bottle of nail polish (before adding other things).

Clear Coat
1oz $3.95              4oz $10.00
($1.97/bottle)         ($1.25/bottle, $2.50/oz)

Luster Base/Glamour Base/Matte Base
1oz $5.50              4oz $12.00
($2.25/bottle)         ($1.50/bottle, $3.00/oz)

Colored Bases
1oz $5.75              4oz $14.00
($2.88/bottle)         ($1.75/bottle, $3.50/oz)

On the Franken Polish Bases page, they say they'll be offering 16oz/1 pint in the near future which I'm sure will drop the price even more.

Thank You Mrs. Westerman/TKB Trading for keeping your customers needs in mind. -MK


  1. Hey, I'm new here :) I visited TKB-trading (as I've done so many times before) drooling over stuff I wanted to buy whenever I get the money.. And I saw that they've got those franken polish bases! I just thought yesterday if it was possible to buy something like that anywhere, so when I saw it I thought "Yeah, I don't care if I don't have the money - I need those".. But I realised they don't ship to Europe and I live in Denmark :/ Damn! There isn't anything like that anywhere else? It's not that I need suspension, but nail polish is so damn expensive here, so it would be much cheaper to buy those bottles..

    Well enough rambling.. I'm looking forward to following your blog )

  2. Welcome to my blog and thank you for becoming a follower. Feel free to ramble all you want, I don't mind a bit.

    I've bought a lot of my polish from eBay in lots- does Denmark have something like that?

    The issue is the fact that polish in general & TKB's franken bases are flammable so they can't be shipped via air (or it simply costs more) which leaves you searching within Europe. Since I don't know anything about Denmark's retail market, I have only one suggestion and that's to contact EMD Chemicals regarding their suspension base Timiron® Crystal Nail 25 or Timiron® Platina Nail 25. I never did get around to contacting them about it. The reason I suggest EMD is because EMD (I believe) is a division of Merck which is a German company. There is also a company called GeoTech located in The Netherlands that makes Paracelsus® NC25 & Paracelsus® NC60, also a suspension agent/nail dispersant.

    Your other option if you're wanting clear or colored polish is to buy from a company like Nailite Inc. They are a nail supply company I've bought from, they sell retail and while they are based in the USA, they ship international. Many others companies do as well such as Trans Design and The Supply Source. If you can't get your polish within Denmark, you can't avoid the higher shipping charge so you might as well buy the polish as cheap as you can.

  3. Wow, thanks I'll look in to it :) The problem about buying outside Europe is that on top of the shipping, I'll have a high risk of getting to pay taxes for it, ehrn it comes inside the country.. So it can end up being very expensive :/ So at the moment I'm trying to find places to shop inside Europe :)

    Thanks for the tips, I'll def look into it :)

  4. I'll see what I can dig up on European polish retailers and see if I can't find somewhere closer to you. In the meantime I know of a polish brand called Nfu. Oh that comes from the United Kingdom so what about shopping from the UK? Outiside your country yes but within Europe.


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